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Even though most tattoo art is pretty good, somewhere around 1999, I became bored with the same “cookie cutter” art that you see in almost every tattoo shop in the world. When I first started tattooing, (back in 1995), I made the mistake of trying to do what everybody else was doing. When I quit that route and became true to my own art I began to explode, artistically. These are the kind of crazy imagery I’ve become known for. I’ve never been afraid to mix styles that aren’t supposed to be mixed. This had given me the freedom to explore.


This imagery has always given me joy in a sometimes serious business. These sugar skulls make me laugh. The reactions to this style are always the same….Smiles and shaking heads. I’ve done hundreds of these things and they keep selling. Some people like them and some don’t. So be it. I do different tattoos every day here in LAS VEGAS and at the shows, but these, by far, are some of my favorite ideas. Of course, I do just about any design that is interesting, but I prefer to let loose and get nuts, I specialize in NU SKOOL color bomb and traditional Japanese. with publications in several tattoo magazines, I try to learn on a daily basis.


I hope to tattoo you soon and share your story. 




Diversity Tattoo - Strip

2310 S. Las Vegas Blvd.

Las Vegas, NV 89104

P: 702.382.8820

Shop Hours: Everyday: 10:00 a.m. – ??? a.m.

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