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Are Detox Cleanses Permanent?

If you’re considering a cleanse, one of the questions that you may be asking yourself is whether or not it will be a permanent detox or a just temporary solution. These days, the word “cleanse” means a variety of things; you could be avoiding alcohol for a week and call it a cleanse, or you could be drinking cold-pressed juices 4x a day and call it a cleanse. Or, you fall in the middle ground and are just looking for a solution to clean your body up for its next big adventure.

The short answer is that not all cleanses are permanent. Some work for a few hours, others take a few days to work and then you’re clean for good. The long answer starts with whether or not you plan on reintroducing toxins into your system and ends with how committed you are to your decision to keep your body clean. 

Each of our bodies contains systems that are designed to cleanse us of toxins that we encounter in our daily lives. Whether you’re smoking at the show, drinking at the bar, taking prescriptions or eating unhealthy, your body is designed to clean up the mess you leave behind. When you undergo a cleanse, you’re helping your body do its job a bit better, and a bit faster. 

For temporary cleanses, like and Mighty Clean, think of it like you hired a temp worker or a super-charged intern for a few hours to help out around the place, cleaning up the toxins and waste that you encounter every day, and then they left to go home and the workload returned to its normal pace. Your body is cleaner than it would be normally thanks to the extra help, but it won’t always have that extra help. Just like a business, your body will continue to work to get rid of toxins and waste, but it won’t be as efficient and some may pile up again while it works to catch up with your intake.

For permanent cleanses like Ever Clean, think of it like consultant to get you started; you’re making a commitment to work together for a better, cleaner body. Just like a consultant would coach your business, you’ll use your cleanse to train your body to adjust to a lack of toxins that it may be accustomed to. Your cleanse will help you for the first week, but the commitment and practice are on you to remain toxin-free and continue with the foundation that your cleanse gave you. Your consultant will have done his job in the first week, but it is your job to keep your body permanently toxin-free.

In both temporary and permanent cleansing situations, whether or not you reintroduce toxins into your body will drastically affect the results that you experience and how permanent your cleanse will be. Detoxify offers a wide range of herbal cleanses to fit your needs in any cleansing scenario, ranging from temporary body cleanses to long term, multi-day herbal cleansing programs designed to permanently rid your body of toxins.

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