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Glass hand pipes, Glass Blunts, Silicone Pipes and Water Pipes, Bubblers, Steam Rollers, Grinders, Sneak a Toke, Pinch Hitters, Wood Hand Pipes, Metal Hand Pipes, Scales, 420 Pipe Cleaner Liquids, Fragance Candles, Incense,Cream Chargers, Glass Vials, Books.

Hookah Tobacco and Pipes, 

Papers, like Zig-Zags, Juicy Jays, Raw, Elements, Bugglar, Bob Marley, Club, Top.

Vaporizers, Lighters, Water Pipes, Body Cleansers, Water Pipes and More.

Caviar Gold


One of our newer products, Cavi Dabs are exactly what they sound like – Top Quality Extracts. Each batch uses different strains, so this product is great for patients who are flexible, or looking to try new strains. Regardless of strain, Cavi Dabs are always nug run – so you’re sure to get the best quality available.


The Cavi Rap is the newest member of the Caviar Gold Family. There’s no tobacco allowed in these blunt wraps – and there’s definitely no need for it. We set out to make an all-cannabis wrap, and we did it. How? Well, with our favorite hash oil of course! Each Cavi Rap is infused with 500mg, making it again, the world’s strongest.

Come Get Your CBD Products!!!!

Come Get Your CBD Products!!!

Large Selection Available!!   

Kavva Vape Cartridges (CBD Hemp Oil E-Liquid) Cool Citrus & Strawberry 

CBD Infused Dog Treats (15mg Holistic Chicken Chips/15mg Holistic Beef Liver)

CBD Pain Relieving Cream(50mg CBD-Rich- 2oz Pain Relieving Sativa)  

Why CBD Wellness?

CBD Wellness products are all natural, all organic and manufactured with the highest level of CBD possible.