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LEVO oil & butter maker.

The LEVO Oil Infuser is taking the pot world by storm. This popular appliance infuses flavors of all kinds of healthy food, including a variety of herbs, fruits, and more. It allows you to manufacture oils yourself, custom-made at home, which you can use to create a myriad of delightful dishes and edibles. The LEVO is so easy to use that anyone can use it, even stoners wanting to try something new with their stash.

Since the LEVO Oil Infuser was launched, it has been a success. And that’s because, this oil infuser is a versatile machine used to make just about anything. You can make any oil you want, including palm, coconut, canola, and more. As for herbs, it works with all of them, the most popular of which are basil, rosemary, thyme, and naturally, cannabis. You can make recipes or scrubs and other beauty products.


At LEVO, we’re passionate about discovering natural paths to wellness, especially by making DIY more accessible. Infusing at home, with fresh ingredients, unlocks a myriad of customizable recipes – from marinades to lip balm –  that optimize the benefits of wholesome herbs. Our products empower you to choose each of your ingredients and give you the utmost control in what you consume.

The process of herbal infusion has been utilized for centuries among some of the world’s earliest civilizations for cooking and medicinal practice. Today, it’s often found behind-the-scenes as the secret sauce of restaurant chefs and your favorite skincare brands. By extracting the components of the whole plant, the full spectrum of superior nutritional, therapeutic and medicinal benefits of infusions can be realized.

For many of us, our store-bought options are increasingly limited as more products marketed as “natural” are over-processed and riddled with additives. At a minimum, most products infused with herbs contain solvents of some kind. With LEVO, there’s no such need! Healthy ingredients; healthy infusions. No fine print. 

We’re dedicated to empowering people to live their best life through our commitment to a higher standard for infuse-it-yourself wellness. Welcome to the infusion revolution.

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