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What to do if your Tattoo or Piercing itches...

Tattoos & Piercings have become more and more popular to the point where it’s practically mainstream now. Getting a quality tattoo & piercing is a very intricate process which involves some excruciating pain. This is followed by the healing process and some people begin feeling itchy.

The itchiness could last for several weeks and the discomfort further worsens because you are never supposed to scratch your itching tattoo for any reason whatsoever. But what do you do then? This article will tell you what you should do if your tattoo itches.

Before we give you the ultimate solution for your itchy tattoo, lets do a quick background check. For example, some people wonder whether an itchy tattoo is normal. Others are scared about what the itchy tattoo means. First, you need to understand that the process of putting that beautiful tattoo on you involves skin irritation and wounding. The process of skin healing even from a bug bite involves itchiness. So, yes! Tattoo itching is quite normal.

A lot of people wonder how much itchiness is normal or how long a normal tattoo itch should last. Well, there is no universally correct answer to these questions. This is because the period and extent of the itch varies by from one individual to another depending on location and size of the tattoo, etc. Some people experience very extreme irritation and, therefore, extreme irritation that lasts for a comparatively longer period. Others only experience mild to low irritation for shorter periods.

So, what do you when your new tattoo itches? Do you scratch it it? Absolutely NOT. The main reasons are number one, you run the risk of getting an infection. The other is that if you pull a scab off prematurely then ink can get removed which will leave patchiness which you do not want.

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